Indelible memory, 2018

  • Indelible Memories

    Indelible Memories

    I explore the visual language through numerous materials and methods to express subtle emotions, narratives and memories that cannot be easily verbalised. My recent projects show an attempt to portray the emotional fragility of the lives of ‘Comfort Women’, who were sex slaves during the Second World War. In particular, I have been trying to comprehend the lives and suffering memories, and trauma of the victims. One of this project series has been selected as the finalist of the 2019 Loewe Craft Prize.

    This work 'Black Paper; Indelible memories' represents a blurred face of a ‘Comfort Woman’ lies hidden beneath graphite covered tracing paper, yet is viewable. The victims are constantly threatened by people who would prefer their stories covered up or distorted. This work shows that truth ultimately cannot be hidden and that those who passed away live on in many people’s hearts. Along with this practice, I have widened my perspective from the specific issue of Comfort Woman towards the fragility that all humans experience in their lives.

    270 x 120cm (WxH)
  • This work displays traditional Korean funeral attire, worn by the deceased before the body goes into a grave. There is a myth that lives are extended if children prepare parents’ funeral clothes while the parents are alive. Inspired by this idea, Minhee constructed this piece with printed photos, as a prayer for longevity of the 28 Korean survivors alive at the time of construction. It is one of an ongoing series to commemorate all the living victims.


    168.2 x 140.1cm (WxH)